GNI – Gas Natural Industrial de Colombia S.A. E.S.P., is the Colombian leader in developing energy solutions based on natural gas as a fuel source.

GNI develops integrated business solutions supported on the knowledge and experience in field operations tailored to the needs of each customer and the most demanding operational standards, developing alternatives using natural gas and looking for the most efficient use model for this friendly source of energy.

GNI has headquarters in Bogotá and operations in Buga-Villavicencio and areas surrounding Bogotá.

Angelica Martinez, responsible for the project management in GNI, tells us about the experience with Google Apps and TopSolutions:

Before adopting Google Apps, we had the email in an external hosting. Our email solution was no longer fulfilling our requirements and the maintenance of our mail systems was consuming us between 2 to 3 days a week.

The available space was very low and we had many connection and data access problems (because data stayed on computers), and when we had a problem out of the office it was difficult to get a quick fix.

To preserve our data, we used a traditional monthly backup scheme. We had a lot of spam and very limited email space. For all this we decided to look for options.

After evaluating different solutions our general manager has chosen Google Apps as the solution to our problems. He already had some knowledge about how Google Apps works, but in fact Google gives us far more than we imagined at the time of investment.

Our IT team is responsible for supporting the Administrative, Commercial and Operation areas, and since the Google Apps does not require much maintenance time or human resources, we can dedicate more time to other projects.

The main objectives to be achieved were:

  • Mail availability 24×7,
  • Increase email space,
  • Improve communication speed,
  • Minimize spam.

With Google and TopSolutions we have achieved all these goals.

The project was quickly and efficiently developed and the support we had from TopSolutions team was constant and very professional. All migration process was fast and reliable, being the deployment quality one of the key aspects for the successful change.

Naturally at the beginning we had some doubts, but as the project progressed, we realized that Google Apps was very easy to handle and the system had tools that allow us to speed up our work.

In addition, with TopSolutions E-learning service, always available and continuously updated, we can, whenever necessary, get training or clarify the doubts that we have about the usage or tools (and everything online).

All users are happy with the solution and the adaptation was very easy (in fact 80% of our users already used Gmail personally).

With Gmail we have greater capacity and faster communication, especially in our operation areas where connectivity is more difficult.

Another essential aspect of the solution is its excellent integration with video and chat (Google Hangouts) and the ability to work with shared documents in real time via the Web (Google Docs / Google Drive).

Today we can all connect online from home, at remote sites or when we are travelling.

With Google Apps our communications and processes are easier, providing greater value to teamwork and ensuring the security of the information we handle.

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